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“We could not have asked for a better trainer to help us with our dog and her separation anxiety. Jenna explained everything to us, took the time to really understand our situation, and we knew she was rooting for Eloise just as much as we were. She laughed with us when we had technical difficulties like crashing iPads, and was just as excited as we were when Eloise made an extraordinary jump in her time alone. Jenna has the technical training skills and the motivational ability that kept us positive and plugging along in what can be a slow and emotional process. We highly recommend Jenna for Separation Anxiety Training.”

Pam & Kevin R. – Fairfax Station, VA

“We had an incredible experience with Jenna, everything more than exceeded our expectations! After an initial consultation, she formulated a personalized yet flexible plan to help our dog with his separation anxiety. She quickly became attuned to our dog’s behavior and was able to tailor his plan to suit his needs. On our weekly check-ins, she provided invaluable feedback based on what she’d observed, and her positive attitude definitely kept us going. By the end of our time with Jenna, our dog’s separation anxiety had dramatically improved, and we couldn’t be more pleased with the results of her training! She also made sure to set us up for success with tricks and tips to help him continue to improve once we’d finished training with her. She is so patient and kind, and she was truly invested in our dog’s progress. We are so grateful for her and genuinely don’t know where we’d be without her! We cannot recommend Jenna enough! Thanks for everything!”

Nick Yam & Anita H. – New York, NY

“When we adopted Maximus, a 2 year old Border Collie mix who had been surrendered by his first owner, we fell quickly in love with his sweet face and spunky personality.  The shelter told us that he seemed anxious while he was in the shelter, but what dog wouldn’t be stressed after being suddenly given up by their owner of 2 years?  It didn’t take long for us to realize that Maximus had separation anxiety.  When left alone, he would whine, bark, howl, pant heavily, pace constantly, and, if left long enough, he would pee.  I tried working with him myself using pamphlets I received from the vet and research that I conducted myself, but after several months of making only a little progress, it became apparent that we needed professional guidance.  For us, it was absolutely heart-breaking to see our otherwise extremely well-behaved dog in a state of panic everytime he was left alone.  Hiring Jenna to help us was the best decision we ever made.  From the very first meeting, Jenna was very clear about the training process for separation anxiety.  She helped us understand separation anxiety better and walked us through the tools we would need in order to be successful.  While working with a dog with separation anxiety is NOT easy (emotionally, financially, logistically, etc), working with Jenna IS easy.  The process was very clear and Jenna’s passion, knowledge, guidance, and support gave us the confidence we needed to be successful.  Through this training process, Maximus has learned to embrace his alone time.  If you saw a video of Maximus alone in March and then a video of Maximus alone in November, he is like a completely different dog! Thanks to Jenna and this training, Maximus can have the quality of life he deserves. We are beyond grateful for this experience.”

Josh & Jessica B. – Maplewood, MO

“Jenna was great to work with! She tailored missions to help my dog succeed and progress, and she helped me prepare to continue his training after our program was over. She clearly has a deep understanding of separation anxiety from her first hand experience, and was able to provide critical reassurance as we went through the struggles of treating a dog with separation anxiety.“

Peyton H. – Cincinnati, OH

“If you have a dog that suffers from Separation Anxiety, I know exactly what you are going through and how much of a challenge it is in many aspects of your life. As someone who also has a dog with SA, my biggest advice to you would be to work with Jenna.

My fiance and I were scheduled to pick up our new puppy, Tracker, from our breeder on Friday March 13th 2020. We live in Toronto and this was the exact same day that most businesses and companies shut their offices for the first time due to COVID-19. Tracker struggled (and we as owners struggled) with his separation anxiety for 6 months before reaching out to Jenna.

I read EVERY article about SA online, watched endless videos, and personally created a spreadsheet that I taped on my wall to track his progress, building up the seconds and minutes we could leave Tracker alone. As much as we were doing all the right things based on what WE knew, it was not enough. When we signed up to work with Jenna, everything changed for us. Separation anxiety is so extremely complex that some of the smallest things we were doing wrong were a huge factor in Tracker’s inability to improve. Jenna is extremely knowledgeable, professional and an absolute pleasure to work with. We worked with Jenna for only 2 months and in that short amount of time worked up Tracker’s time to leave him alone & calm so we could go on a dinner date!!!

All in all, working with Jenna was the smartest decision we made all year.”

Nikki N. – Toronto, Ontario, Canada

“Working with Jenna to treat Sylvester’s separation anxiety was a breeze. Jenna made it very easy for us to know what to do, when to do it, and what to look out for. In just two months, we went from being afraid to leave Sylvester alone at all, to having our freedom back. We are now able to enjoy our time away from him with confidence he will be ok and won’t destroy our home.

Thank you for all you’ve done for us. I can’t even begin to express how big of an impact this has already had and will continue to have on our lives!”

Daniel L. – Charlotte, NC

“Jenna is kind, patient, knowledgeable and an overall absolutely awesome separation anxiety dog trainer. When we first started working with Jenna, our newly adopted rescue named Fiona was 24/7 glued to our hip and couldn’t tolerate being alone for more than about 20 seconds. Typically when we left the house, Fiona would nonstop howl, claw at the front door, pace, and cry. After just a few short weeks of working with Jenna, my partner and I started noticing a big difference with Fiona – she started tolerating us being in separate rooms, remained calm when we left the house to grab the mail, and just seemed less tense all the time. After two months with Jenna, Fiona got comfortable with periods of up to one hour left completely alone in the house! Finally, we weren’t under such extreme “house arrest” and could actually run quick errands without fearing our dog would have a panic attack. In fact, we have actually noticed that Fiona has “reverse” grayed – when we first adopted her she was covered in gray hairs, and now that her stress has reduced, she is turning into a black dog again! Fiona still has a long way to go, but Jenna has considerably helped reduce her separation anxiety, and she has equipped us with the tools to continue Fiona’s training on our own. We are tremendously grateful for Jenna’s help (and Fiona is too!)

Thank you Jenna for all of your help!!”

Dana C. – San Diego, CA

“Our dog Bentley has struggled with severe separation anxiety for almost two years. We’d tried working with many other trainers and using every tactic we could find to help him before we found Jenna.

To be honest, we were skeptical at first as to whether this would work, especially after spending so much money on other options before, but we knew there had to be someone out there that could help him, so we tried – and it worked!

From day one, Jenna gave us hope that we could help Bentley, and was such a professional, positive light for us throughout the process. She’s highly organized, detail-oriented, on-time, extremely knowledgeable, clear, concise, calm and kind (I could go on). We’re so grateful to have found someone that fit our dog’s needs and temperament, along with our own.

Our Bentley was a tough case to crack, but after getting him the right medication and following Jenna’s specific training, we’re finally able to leave Bentley home alone without him going to the door to paw, bark, howl, pant until he throws up, and run around the house looking for us. He now calmly lays in his spot and sleeps peacefully until we get home, no tricks needed.

It’s truly night and day from when we first talked with Jenna. We finally have our freedom back and Bentley’s no longer struggling with anxiety! We’re forever grateful and couldn’t recommend working with Jenna more!”

Lindsay & Dylan T. – Irvine, CA

“Jenna was such a joy to work with!  I really needed someone who could partner with me in this complicated process, and she was a great partner, and leader.  She supported us the whole way, and my dog is doing fantastic.  He went from barking after 3 seconds after I walked out the door, to going hours without barking.  (And he keeps getting better and better!). She was patient, understanding, responsive, and supportive.  I could not have done this without her expertise.  She knew how to handle all the bumps along the road, and was always available when we needed additional support.”

Jessie A. – Albany, CA

“Jenna gave us invaluable tools and ongoing moral support to tackle Slate Grey’s separation anxiety. When we started the program Slate’s separation threshold was in the seconds, but after eight weeks that had increased to over two hours. Jenna has now given us the confidence and strategic roadmap to continue Slate’s progression on our own. Although we will miss Jenna’s daily encouragement, we know she is cheering us on from afar.”


“I wanted to share a big milestone Slate hit today–She did her first four hour mission all by herself. Not a cry, not a whine, not a bark. Thank YOU for giving us the tools to get us here. I truly feel so grateful and couldn’t be happier knowing that we did it in a way that focused on her emotional well-being. HOORAY! 🙂 “

Lucas C. – New York, NY

“Working with Jenna through Scooter’s separation anxiety was such a great experience. If you’re taking the time to research this website about separation anxiety, you know how stressful this condition can be on us dog owners. Jenna walked us through our training with compassion and humor, which was just what we needed. I am so glad I found this program. I’m happy to say this is Scooter’s first week since “graduating” and we were able to leave the house for two-hours with no problem! Never thought we’d be here. This program works!“

Jillian & Daniel L. – Minneapolis, MN

We adopted our dog Walter during the 2020 pandemic. Once we were going back to the office, after spending months working from home, we discovered he had separation anxiety. After much research, we discovered Malena DeMartini. We attempted the online training, but determined we really needed a professional CSAT. Our assigned CSAT was Jenna Powell.

Jenna was awesome! She used her extensive knowledge of dog behavior to tailor Walter’s training; making adjustments to his missions when needed. She was very in tune to Walter’s needs (and ours when we needed a little boost!). She always came up with creative solutions and was a wonderful guide. We considered her our partner throughout this process. She was accommodating to our schedule, and was responsive when we had questions. We highly recommend Jenna, she really cares about you and your dog’s success!”

Melissa H. & Angie Z. – St. Louis, MO

“My wife and I had an amazing time working with Jenna. She was so attentive, patient and professional. Her kindness and competence shined through in every zoom session and she truly cares about our dog’s progress. She answered every question we had before ending our time together. We 100% recommend Jenna to anyone who needs help with their pup’s separation anxiety!”

Kelsee M. & Frank S. – Deerfield, IL

“Jenna has changed our lives! I struggled with Henry’s separation anxiety for months. We bought all the books, went to training classes, consulted private trainers, and attended webinars and virtual classes. We tried chews, frozen Kongs, and puzzles. I’d take him out for 3 hours of off-leash play before leaving him for an hour. It wasn’t until we worked with Jenna that I saw him truly be relaxed alone. He went from howling, pacing, and standing for hours to sleeping while alone. He no longer races to the door when I stand up and I can go out to dinner or run errands feeling confident that he is happy and safe at home. Jenna helped me better understand Henry’s needs and was always so incredibly supportive and available as I went through this journey. Thank you Jenna! “

Elaine S. – Brooklyn, NY